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    Vancouver USA

    Map of Vancouver WAVancouver, Washington (USA) is a large and distinguished city that is located within the southwest portion of the state. It is across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

    Now, the world knows that Canadian Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, is bigger and probably more famous. After all, Vancouver B.C has hosted the Winter Olympics (in 2010) and many international conferences and events. 

    But Vancouver USA has a unique American personality of its own, starting with its location as a sort of sister city to Portland.  Vancouver is the seat of Clark County.  Washington residents pay no personal income tax.  Vancouver, WA  scenery is magnificent, with spectacular views of the Columbia River and Vancouver Lake, abundant green parklands and valleys, historical buildings, and Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens in the distance.  They enjoy other amenities such as Summer Concerts at Esther Short Park, many public art landmarks and mild weather. Vancouver, Washington residents  always have something new to learn and discover.

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    A Little History

    Vancouver, Washington does shares its name and etymology with the larger Canadian city, located about  305 miles to its north. Vancouver, WA was actually the first to be named after Captain George Vancouver (and was incorporated 29 years earlier than B.C.) One of the sea captain's lieutenants, William Broughton of Great Britain, explored Vancouver (WA’s) Columbia River in 1792. By 1806, the area became praised for its settlement potential as noted by the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. The area became center to the Fur Trade, and by 1849, the Vancouver-Columbia Barracks became the central location for American troops within the Pacific Northwest region. Today, resident's of Vancouver USA enjoy many historical landmarks such as the Boat of Discovery, Captain George Vancouver's Sculpture and the Wendy Rose Sculpture.

    All in all, residents of Vancouver, USA clearly enjoy a great quality of life, sense of community and relationship with the great outdoors.

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